What sent emails are synced?

  • All emails you send to email addresses that exist on contacts or accounts in your Salesbox account are synced. It does not matter if you as an individual user is connected to the contact or account in Salesbox, it is enough if the contact exist in your company's Salesbox account

How does it work?

The saving is done automatically and Salesbox check the From, To and CC fields for the email address that exist in Salesbox.

From where can I send my emails to get them tracked?

It does not matter what device you send from as long as you send from your connected Office 365 / Gmail account. You can therefore send from:

  • Your work computer
  • Your private computer
  • Your mobile device
  • A public computer
  • Your online version of Office 365
  • Your desktop version of Office 365
  • etc.

What about my received emails?

It does not matter where you read your received emails. Any received email to your Office 365 / Gmail account will be synced to Salesbox if the sending email address exist in your company's Salesbox account.