This is only relevant if you have connected your Office 365 calendar.

In Microsoft there are different places to change your time zone. You can for example update the time zone in 

- your desktop version of Outlook

- your online version of Outlook

If you decide to change time zone you need to update it manually in both these locations since Microsoft does not sync the time zone between these two versions of Outlook.

When Salesbox sync an appointment to Outlook we sync to the Outlook of the user that is set as the responsible user of the appointment in Salesbox. 

If that user has not set the correct time zone in all different locations inside Microsoft it might be that the Microsoft API Salesbox communicate with has a different time zone compared to the one your user see on the screen. 

Microsoft sets the time zone default to UTC. So, to make sure your invitations include the same time as you see on the screen, make sure you have the correct time zone set everywhere in your Microsoft accounts. Check with your Microsoft support pages if you are unsure about how to do that.