To begin you need to have a Salesbox CRM account, please register a new account from our website if you do not already have done this.

How to register a new account

1. Go to and register your new account

2. Click the Confirm button in the confirmation email (Sometime the confirmation emails ends up in the junk email, if you have not received the email to your regular inbox, please check the junk inbox)

3. Login with your new account

Pass the setup wizard

Once you have enter Salesbox you need to pass through a short wizard. In the wizard we highly recommend you add the requested information like your company name, company logo, the name of one product/service you offer your customers, your personal photo and last but not least, install the Lead Clipper module for Salesbox.

Once you have passed these steps we recommend you do these things

1. Add some products

- Open company settings and select the subcategory Products

- Add som more relevant products you offer your customers (Could be different services, products or packages of the same product). Each product belong to a group and is of a specific type. Example

Product GroupProductProduct type

You should add products on the level you want to be able to track your product sales on.

2. Select menu options and start screen

- Click the cogwheel icon and select My settings

- Click the start screen drop down and select the landing page you prefer

- Unmark/mark the menu objects you want to see/hide from the main menu

You can set this up independently on mobile and web.

3. Connect your Google/Office365 accounts

- Click the cogwheel icon and select Integrations

- Click the link button next to Google/Office 365 to connect your account

- Click Sync email to start tracking all sent/received emails to/from an email that is registered on a contact in Salesbox (You can email from any device and still get it tracked). After sync is setup the sync is active and all future emails will be tracked but not historical.

- Click sync Calendar to connect your Google/Office365 calendar to Salesbox. All appointments from Salesbox syncs to Google/O365 but only those including an invitee email that exist in Salesbox are synced from Google/O365 to Salesbox, so you don't get all private meetings into your CRM.

- Install the Gmail or Outlook add-ons by clicking the install buttons to the bottom right side section. Then you will get a Salesbox panel added into your email client,

4. Import a few existing customers to your account/contact lists, from LinkedIn

- Open the LinkedIn Lead clipper in Chrome by clicking the Salesbox icon in upper right corner of Google Chrome and login with your Salesbox credentials. If you have not installed the Lead clipper, look at this video

- Search for an existing customer contact on LinkedIn and open that person's profile page.

- Click on the blue Salesbox button and select "Add to contacts". Now you just Salesbox do its magic and once the import is done you will have both the contact and the company imported to the account and contact lists in Salesbox

- Repeat this for a few customers

5. Import a few potential customers to your pipeline, from LinkedIn

- Open the profile page of a person you have on your list to do business with 

- Click on the blue Salesbox button and select "Add to pipeline". Now you just Salesbox do its magic again and once the import is done you will have got 4 things added in Salesbox (An account, a contact, an unqualified deal and a task to qualify this deal). The contact and the account are not displayed in your account/contact sections until they have been converted to Qualified deals or orders. You can also click on the ...button to the left on the unqualified deal in the list and select "Add to account list" and/or "Add to contact list" if you want to display these potential customers also there. The reason behind this is to keep your account and contact lists as clean as possible and be mostly focused on existing customers instead of a mix of leads and customers.

- Repeat this for a few customers so you have a few deals to work with.

- If you have the phone number and email to these people, click the ...button and select "Edit contact" to add the phone and email to the contact. Do this for all contacts you have

6. Download and install the mobile app to your iPhone or Android phone.

- After you have installed and logged in on the mobile app...

- Go to Contacts and swipe a Contact to place a call to the person and get the call added to the communication log and Activity stats in the Insights section. (Follow the guideline on the screen after the call)

7. Send a few emails and track the communication

- If you prefer to communicate via email, send a few emails

- after the email has been sent, go to the contact and open the right side panel by clicking to the right half of the contact in the list.

- Scroll the right side panel until you reach the communication log. Here you can see all dials, calls, sent/received emails and sent SMS.

- Mark a few contacts with the check boxes to the left in the list and click the button with three dots next to the mark all button (appears after you marked at least one row) and select Personal mass email. (This requires that you have turned on email syncs. Personal mass emails can also be tracked in realtime and message you on your phone and inside Salesbox web when the receivers open the email or click on URLs.

8. Convert an unqualified deal to qualified

- Click the ...button to the right side of the Unqualified deal in the list and select Convert to qualified

- Fill out the form and add a product/order row by clicking the bottom green plus sign

- Select product group, product and potentially change the column values for price etc. depending on how you set up your products earlier.

- Click done

Your unqualified deal has now been moved to the history list (backwards clock icon) and you also got a Qualified deal in the first stage called Qualified.

9. Move the deal forward to closure

- Move the deal forwardthrough the different stages and to set it as won/lost, click the deal and from the right side panel you choose Won/Lost at the top.

- After the deal is set as won/lost it gets moved to the order section. There you can filter (Funnel icon) to see all, only won or only lost orders.

Now you can also see some stats in the Insights section, account list, contact list