How to get the contact, account and lead in from LinkedIn

1. Install the LinkedIn lead clipper plugin for LinkedIn on Chrome (From My settings/ Add-ons)

2. Login with your Salesbox account to the Lead clipper plugin (To the left in the browser header you find the Salesbox logo, click to login)

3. Find the relevant people on LinkedIn that match your target customer profile

4. Click in Add as lead from the Salesbox button on the profile page of the preferred person on LinkedIn 

Once you have imported a lead you also get a task added automatically to qualify your new lead. (Salesbox automatically checks your task list and Salesbox calendar to see when you have time between 8am - 5pm during work days).

Now it's time t qualify the lead and move forward

1. Go to your Task section on the phone

2. Swipe left and call the contact on the task

3. Talk to the lead to qualify

4. After the call you get questions to set the task as done, do that!

5. Select next step

    5A. Set lead as done if the they are not interested in what you have to offer, now or later. Set add task as done and move on to next task.

    5B. Choose follow up later if they ask you to call back in the future or you think its good to reach out again in a while. Set add task as done and move on to next task. (Continue to choose this option after each interaction with your potential customer until they say no or they fulfil your criteria to convert to an opportunity or order)

    5C. Select convert to opportunity if they are interested in moving forward with you. 

        - If you work with long sales cycles, choose Opportunity and fill out the form.

        - If you work with short sales cycles, choose Order and close the deal

6. If you work with long sales cycles you try t check all steps in your process and win the deal.