If  its a large list we highly recommend the following work flow

1. Split your list into a size you can act on within 1 - 2  weeks. (to big lists tend to demotivate people)

2. Go to import section and import as a call list

3. Open your list on both the computer and your iPhone

4. Start call through the list (from your iPhone to get tracking of the dials/calls and easily see who in the list you have actually spoken to)

    4A. Add leads on those contacts you find interested in what you have to offer (to your self or a colleague). Answer yes on the question if you want t task to qualify the lead.

    4B. Add an appointment if you only are interested in calling through the list to book meetings. (to your self or a colleague)

If working with sales and not only interested in booking the meetings

Once you have called through your list you will have leads in your lead list. Now its time to qualify these.

5. Go to your Task section on the phone

6. Swipe left and call the contact on the task

7. Talk to the lead to qualify

8. After the call you get questions to set the task as done, do that!

9. Select next step

    9A. Set lead as done if the they are not interested in what you have to offer, now or later. Set add task as done and move on to next task.

    9B. Choose follow up later if they ask you to call back in the future or you think its good to reach out again in a while. Set add task as done and move on to next task.

    9C. Select convert to opportunity if they are interested in moving forward with you. 

        - If you work with long sales cycles, choose Opportunity and fill out the form.

        - If you work with short sales cycles, choose Order and close the deal

10. If you work with long sales cycles you try t check all steps in your process and win the deal.