According to Salesbox methodology a sales funnel consists of three clear stages

1. Unqualified deal (Some call this lead, prospect etc.)(Focus here is on qualification and build relation)

2. Qualified deal (Some call this Prospects, Opportunities, deals etc.) (Use of sales process)

3. Order

The object Unqualified deal is therefore not the same as contact or account, it is an unqualified deal. Therefore an unqualified deal can exist on both potentially new customers and existing customers. The purpose is to keep track of the qualifying stage of your sales.

ALSO IMPORTANT! If you add a new contact and account as an unqualified deal (From LinkedIn, Outlook, .CSV file, Mailchimp, the web or the Add an unqualified deal form) to your Unqualified deals list, you WILL NOT see the account and contact in the account and contact lists. This is correct. Its to reduce the noice in your account and contact lists and make these lists more focused on existing customers. Your added account and contact will automatically be displayed in the account and contact list once you have converted your unqualified deal to a qualified deal or an order. 

You can however search for any account and contact from the account and contact section, regardless if they are displayed in the account or contact list or not.

If you want to manually display your added account and / or contact  in the account and contact lists, click the action menu button ... in the Unqualified deal list and

- Select Add to account list AND / OR

- Select Add to contact list

Now the account and / or contact will be displayed in the account and contact list.