There are two ways to see Performance and Statistics in Salesbox, go to: 

1. Select what level you want to see stats, user, unit or company by selecting the preferred one in the user filter in the top left corner.

For pipeline related information

- Go to Opportunities, select Pipeline filter in the left side main menu. 

- Selected preferred time period on by clicking the preferred time period button, move forward / backwards in time by clicking the grey left / right arrows to the left in the header

- For closed (Won / lost) opportunities / deals, click history icon 

For activity, sales and other performance stats

- Go to Insights, select activity dashboard

- Go to Insights, select sales dashboard

- Go to Insights, select top lists dashboard

- Go to Insights, select diagrams dashboard (Build your own diagrams)

- - Go to Insights, select downloads to download excel reports


On mobile you also find the Activity panel, also know as the Running Man, in the top right corner of Salesbox.