If you have already deactivated your user, go to step 2 directly.

Step 1: Go to company settings, choose Organisation and click deactivate from the ... button to the right on the user's row.

Step 2: Switch to company filter on the top left corner below your user photo

Step 3: Go to a section (Task, Leads, Opportunities, Appointments, Accounts, Contacts, Call lists or Campaigns) that contain information that belonged to the deactivated user

Step 4: Open the advanced search view by clicking the magnifying glass with a + sign in

Step 5: Open the field dropdown and scroll down to Owner first name, select contains in the operator dropdown and type the name in the value field (If several users have same first name also click AND and repeat the step for Owner last name), then click search button

Step 6: Click edit icon to the bottom right corner inside the advanced search section. Click the mark all button

Step 7: Select user icon and select what user you want to move the search result to.

Repeat this for all sections that contain information from the deactivated user.

Please email support@salesboxcrm.com for help on this matter.